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No compromising with cruelty free beauty products

When I started my plant based diet journey a couple of years ago and then a gradual vegan lifestyle at the beginning of 2017, I had no idea just what I'd have to change to stay on that path.

The food, well that's a given, and has been relatively easier than I thought, but for other bits, like beauty and skin care - well I have struggled a bit!

I have an oily T-Zone which can also turn very dry, so finding a suitable replacement for my makeup products was a hit and miss. I have always been a fan of The Body Shop but they have only recently been bought by a Brazilian company that is against the testing of products on Animals - so now I feel like they can really say they are against animal cruelty and offer truly vegan products.

I have been using their seaweed range for years though, as it's specifically for oily skin, but they have now stopped making the cream cleanser. I also have the facial wash, but I don't always wash my face in the shower if I'm not washing my hair, so I like to use a liquid cleanser with a cotton pad to remove my makeup. As my skin can get dry, I like to use a cream cleanser so I bought one from the Aloe range.

Then I discovered NIOD - they are far pricier but also offer vegan products. For the cleanser, I bought Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester for £30, it's alcohol free which is great as I find products with alcohol in strip my face ultimately making me oilier!

I decided to purchase a moisturiser from them too as my facialist Loretta, has told me that my skin is dehydrated - I drink loads of water but I hardly wear a moisturiser as I've never found one that hydrates my skin without making me oily - so any moisturiser I use, I put on before I go to bed, and never in the day.

The Hydration Vaccine by NIOD had really good reviews It has a PH of 5-6 and again is alcohol free and costs £35. The reviews say how it makes skin feel super hydrated without a greasy or oily feel, and I agree - so far I don't feel like I'm producing extra oil or shine but I still have a healthy glow.

When I go into the office in Central London, I don't like to wear a lot of makeup but I'm pale and my skin tone is uneven so I've been trying to find something that I can put on my face that just gives a slight tan, glow without that horrible shimmer look. So along with the Hydration Vaccine moisturiser I tried the NIOD  Photography Fluid Opacity 8% - which is an oil free tint that doesn't leave any noticeable shimmer, but makes your skin look sun kissed and healthy. I use a small amount of The Body Shop liquid concealer around my nose and on blemishes as it doesn't give any coverage as such. But it makes my skin look great!

I have discovered a fantastic vegan beauty subscription box company, but they also offer a 'build your own' option which is so good! offer a really good choice and couldn't wait to try their build your own box so I knew exactly what would be arriving would be the products I could use. The lovely people at VO were also so helpful when I had questions about the products and they recommended some of the items - I definitely recommend you look them up if you like getting presents every month 😆

As I noted I do have large pores so I chose the Konjac mini pore refiner in French green clay for £6.99 - I haven't tried this yet but I'll put an update as soon as I do.

I don't tend to wear lipstick often as my lips look uneven and a bit chapped so when I saw they had the Pura Cosmetics lip scrub (in Pina Colada - smells!!) for £4.50 I had to try that.

Then to go with fresh new lips, I bought the Saturated Colour lipstick in Lady In Red for £7 - stays on like a dream!!

Another product I've struggled with finding a decent alternative is a mascara. I like big brushes that coat my lashes making them look longer and thicker so I chose the BWC full volume mascara in black for £7.99 and I love it! Makes my lashes look so long and it doesn't clog or flake at the end of the day or night. It comes off really easily with eye makeup remover. I highly recommend this to you.

Then last but by absolutely no means least I chose the Made by Coopers Apothecary Vanilla Rose bath salts for £5. OH. MY. WORD. With the essential oils and Epsom salts, I think I went off to heaven. I rarely bath and opt for time saving showers, so getting to try this in a bath made me realise what I'm missing - it was so relaxing and my skin felt incredible afterwards.

I also changed my hair products to Avalon Organics. I bought these from Holland & Barretts for £6 each. I bought the Volumizing Rosemary shampoo which is great as I have fine hair that lacks volume. Then I bought the Strengthening Peppermint conditioner - it says to leave on for a few minutes and during this time you can feel the peppermint cooling sensation on your scalp and neck, very nice.

I do colour my hair so I'm still on the look out for vegan shampoo and conditioners for coloured hair - if you use one that's good please let me know

I'm swapping out the rest of my products so I'll put another update up when I have a full makeup bag to show you

Thanks for reading

AR x

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