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Vegan Chef: Jamie White

I think it’s pretty obvious I love food. If I’m not eating it, I’m talking about it. And If I’m not talking about it, I’m definitely thinking about it.

Since I moved to a plant based diet, the search for great vegan food out and about has somewhat consumed my life – living in London I fully expected there to be vegan restaurants or vegan options on every menu I looked at.

Not so! This so-called gentrification certainly isn’t happening anywhere near me (thank goodness for that) and so I’m lacking in eating out options around my local area. However, I work in the Waterloo area and although the gentrification seems to have passed this area by (fingers crossed) it still has wonderful street food markets and plenty of lunch time and after work vegan food options.

So when I was contacted on Instagram by a vegan chef asking me to come and sample some of his new street food inspired menu, and he is based in SE1, I nearly chocked on my falafel and couldn’t type my reply quick enough.

My normal aloofness vanished and my simple answer was, “yes, when?”

Meeting Jamie White, the head chef at Jacks Bar in Isabella Street has been a breath of fresh air. Not only is his food some of the tastiest vegan food I’ve tried to date (and totally insta worthy!) his passion for what he does, and what he wants to achieve is inspiring!

Sitting down with him and talking through his hopes and aspirations was so fun. He told me about his choice to have a plant based diet and how this has influenced his cooking and the vegan additions to the Jacks Bar menu with things like Thai BBQ seitan ribs, jerk quinoa broccoli wings and an Asian salad.

Jacks Bar is a fun and lively place, good drinks, comfy seats, big screens, good music and now a menu that caters for pretty much everyone. If you’re in the area, or stuck on where to go for after work drinks and nibbles you should check this place out.

Ultimately Jamie wants people to travel to see him, to take his street food van to different locations and have a cult following – from what I’ve tasted so far I will be at the front of every queue. 

At the moment he’s loving his job at Jack’s so I know we have to sit and wait impatiently for this to happen, so until it does, you’ll find me at Jacks ordering the Black Bean Burger with maple beacon, pepper jack cheese and ranch sauce – hands down the best damn burger I’ve tasted!

The man himself, Jamie White 

Do yourselves a favour, go and eat his food. Ask to meet him, talk to him about his ideas and inspirations. You will leave knowing you've just met someone passionate about good food and once you've tasted his creations, you'll be just as hooked as I am. 

Jamie, I salute you 

AR x

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