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So, about my day job

Last week I travelled to Hove to meet up with a group of interesting, hard working dedicated people not to talk about blogging, food or beauty products, but to talk about street homelessness, and particularly homeless couples.

The charity I work for awarded a Brighton based women's centre £10,000 to carry out a feasibility study looking at the issue of street based, homeless couples across Sussex and to see if they could create a policy recommendation or a housing initiative model.

The stark truth is that more and more couples are becoming homeless as private landlord rents increase and many can't keep up with payments. There is also a problem of entrenched rough sleepers in Sussex and many of these 'couples' are in fact together out of protection and not love or companionship.

What has been apparent so far is there is a real lack of understanding around the needs of couples and the practitioners that attended the meeting told us that not only is there a lack of understanding, but that services just aren't set up to deal with couples, instead offering to work with them as individuals, often in gender specific services.

This leads to couples being separated or at times, choosing not to access services and remain on the street together.

The feasibility study is underway and I'm hoping that our contribution to this study will go someway to helping homeless couples or individuals in Susex, and across the UK.

The charity I work for has helped design, create and test innovative housing based solutions to tackle a number of social injustices. From women leaving prison and reuniting them with their children, to young adult carers leaving home and gaining independence.

If you'd like to hear more, or have an idea that you would like to explore, drop me a line


PS - I found a vegetarian Indian restaurant - I heart Hove!!

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