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Forty Hall - estate and farm

I'm lucky enough to live in the vibrant and lovely London borough of Enfield, and I say that I'm lucky because Enfield has a lot of history.

It has the first ever ATM, we have the New River, and the news of Henry VIII's death was announced to his children Elizabeth I and Edward VI in the palace that stood on the grounds of the now Forty Hall.

And it's there that I went today - not to see the palace as it's no longer standing, but back to the Forty Hall Estate and the farm to see exactly where my veg comes from.

I've posted before on my Instagram of the incredible veg haul that I brought home from the on site farm shop - so it was nice to see the workings behind that initiation.

Attached to the Capel Manor College, Forty Hall Farm is certified as organic - they also have an organic vineyard - but that's for another day. They sell animal feed in the farm shop and entry to the farm is £2 per adult. There is a variety of animals and we were treated today to see some pigs, sheep and goats. There were also some chickens, very noisy and aggressive cocks (nothing new there then!) and some beautiful swans.

The thing about staying local and supporting community initiatives, you get to personally reap the rewards. You can sign up to their Enfield Veg Co., who every Wednesday pack up bags of veg and by 3pm are ready to be collected from local drop off points over Enfield. Genius!

I'll be heading back there to the cafe that is on site on the 16th July as it will be our second tea party for Contact the Elderly - I'll be sure to post pictures again from that afternoon, so keep your eyes out.

If you're not from Enfield, or even if you are, take a trip to Forty Hall, it's beautiful and full of history and on a day like today, as you see from the pictures, it's a real treat to be part of.

They have a great event coming up called Livestock Music Festival - be sure to check it out

AR x

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