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Thrifty buys and hand me downs. Swoon!

I absolutely love it when someome gives me secondhand furniture or I find a little gem in a thrift shop and my obsession was realised during a recent move to a new house.

I'm not tight, in fact I tend to be an impulse buyer and once bought a new car just because my then boyfriend suggested I'd look good in it. But when it comes to furniture I almost loathe buying it new!

When we moved in January we brought our existing furniture with us and quickly realised that it didn't go as we'd hoped. Shapes, sizes and colours were all wrong and I spent quite a few sleepless nights picturing how I wanted each room to look.

The carpets are a beautiful blush colour and I pinned picture after picture of colour and moodboards and decided the colours I wanted were more blush, gold, copper and greys.

There's a space in the hallway that is just open so I found a beautiful old dusty dresser in a thrift shop that needed a little fixing up but it was only £50. Still my best buy so far. 

My mother in law gave us an old shelf unit with wicker draws and iron frame but the delight of it is the tiled mosaic on the surface. It was given to her by her parents and it feels good recycling sentimental furniture. It's vintage but with a new silver Ikea lamp on top of it, gives a modern twist.

I also found a fantastic double chest of draws on Gumtree for £25. When we arrived to pick it up the woman told me she was moving house and we talked about her reasons for going and we really connected. She had a sad story but a positive future and I've thought about her often since. I changed the pine knobs for some cream ones my mum picked me up in TKmaxx and they really change the style.

Everything in my house tells its own story and they all evoke a memory, which is glorious as I walk around my house admiring my thrifty buys and hand-me-downs


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