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The hype about hypnobirthing

Let me start by saying I am not pregnant, so I can't claim one way or the other if hypnobirthing actually works.

However, what I can say is that I'm definitely starting to believe the hype!

My sister, in one of her supremely multi-talented guises is a qualified hypnobirthing teacher (and midwife and reflexologist - sigh) and having recently qualified, she asked if she could 'practice' on me.

Now, as I said, not being pregnant I wasn't really sure what to expect or how I'd feel but being the helpful sister that I am, I had nothing to lose but 30 minutes of relaxation.

The session started in a quiet room, with the curtains pulled so it was a pleasant amount of brightness, and soothing music playing in the background. Kate told me to close my eyes and get into a comfortable position - I chose to lay down (what's more relaxing than a lay down?!)

Her quiet voice talked me through some visual exercises and helped me to understand how my mind is in control in life but my body is superior - it knows what to do, so let it.

She had me visualising myself surrounded by fluffy clouds, each one signifying a fear to do with childbirth (as anyone who knows me, this took a while) and then she told me to feel the warm sun on the top of my head, flowing through my body and with each breath out, to blow the clouds away, ultimately leaving me feeling warm, secure and in tune with my body.

It felt so incredible, my body expelled actual tears! Not of sadness, but of release. It was incredible.

Our bodies are amazing, and we forget that they are built for childbirth - it's only conditioning and medical intervention that tells us it is a painful, scary experience. This session was short but sweet and if I was pregnant, I know for sure that I'd love to give birth using this technique.

To find out more about hynobirthing or to book a course, contact Kate - she's great

Thanks for reading

AR x

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