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Accidentally Vegan

I've been a vegetarian for a little over a year now so when January came around this year I thought I'd give Veganuary a go. I thought it may be hard (especially with a carnivore husband) and would miss things like cheesy pizza and chocolate. I was also doing dry January, which now I realise was a blessing in disguise.

I signed up to Veganuary and they had so many helpful tips and recipes, and they have a list of accidentally vegan foods which was literally a LIFE SAVER for those desperate times of lacking creativity in the kitchen or at work on my lunch break - I mean who knew that Oreo's are vegan ( I've scoffed a fair few since finding out!)

Luckily I have a sister who dedicates a lot of her time to tasty recipes and homemade plant based goodness so we were regularly swapping notes and coming up with tasty quick meals that even my husband enjoyed.

The things I missed the most were scrambled eggs and wine but with a few adjustments I found that I really don't miss very much at all. Even when we eat out, which is more regular than I care to admit, I have started to go to restaurants with good vegan menus and I'm much more concerned with where the food is produced and sourced from.

It's opened my eyes to a whole new healthy clean living experience and whilst I'm far from a militant vegan ( I do wear leather and kiss my husband after he's eaten bacon!) I really appreciate that I no longer want to have dairy, not purely for health but because of the implications on the environment and the animals themselves. It's one step at a time for me.

If going vegan isn't something you think you can do, or want to do, then at the very least you should get to know the impact of your carbon footprint and maybe just start to think differently about not just what you consume, but how you consume it.

It's now April, and I'm sticking to being accidentally vegan


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